DIY Magnetic Picture Frames

This is the second part of the I’m Practically Martha Stewart post.  I created the downloads from this specific project.  Please keep in mind that I didn’t come up with this on my own, I stole it off of Pinterest.

What you need will be variable.  I have a stainless steel fridge, so I have a few extra items and steps for that. What I have collected is:
1. An old T-shirt
2. 2 picture frames (I recycled them by spray painting them black for this project) 
3. The downloads
4. A paper trimmer
5. Industrial strength magnets (get them from a hardware store, not a craft store, trust me) 
6. Fabric scissors
7. A hot glue gun. 
First I trimmed a sleeve off of the T-shirt.  I then trimmed pieces of it to fit over the magnet.  I glued around the edge of the magnet and attached the fabric.  I left the back open, so the front and edges are covered, but not the back.  Because magnets scratch stainless steel, this is a must for me.  You can skip this step if you don’t have an easily scratched surface. 
Next, I put a zigzag line of glue on the exposed part of the magnets and attached them to the back of the frame.  Because these magnets are bulky and thick, I attached them to the actual backing VS the edge of the frame to minimize how far the frames stuck out from the fridge. 
Last I trimmed the edges of my print out so they would fit in the frames and hung them on my fridge.  I happened to have an old white board and I took the pen hanger off of that and glued it to the side of the frame I used for the grocery list, that way I always have a dry erase pen handy.  I think this looks much nicer than then the dry erase board and love the idea of how much I can customize the look to fit my needs.
There are so many great things you can use these frames for!  I love the idea of using them for a child’s chore list or menu planner too. 
See?  Practically Martha Stewart. 

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