A Truly Awesomsauce Gift Guide

With the holidays just around the corner, I have been severely lacking inspiration as to what to get everyone, so my fabulous friend Holly Robertson, who blogs over at The Robertson Clan wrote the most amazing Gift Guide for me.  I feel so lucky to have a gal like her in my life who never lacks creative ways to give the best gifts!


Every holiday I take great pride in the fact that I make much of the gifts I give.  By hand.

It’s just always something I have really enjoyed doing. Some years I have a theme. Some years I don’t.

This year on Facebook I’ve been seeing quite a bit of complaining. You don’t know what to get your husband or your kid or your coworker. Ect. So I put together a guide of things for those people that are either handmade, made in America, Fair Trade or something easy you can do yourself.


a.       You can buy it here, but last year I used it as inspiration to make my own for my husband. You can use a sharpie, Pebeo markers or enamel paint from a craft store. Just bake it when you’re done.

b.      You could make a huge batch of this and give it to all the men in your family.

c.       I absolutely LOVE this shop. I ordered this last year for Eric and he was sooo happy with them.

d.      One day this will be in Eric’s office.

e.      Your man likes Tattoos? Surprise him with a trip to the ink parlor or a gift certificate.

f.        This would be super easy to make with some paint and MDF.

g.       When Eric and I were dating I made him a necklace like this. Except the washers I used where from my car that he fixed. It was cute and fun and he still wears it sometimes.

h.      This is something super easy that the whole family will love, but he’ll treasure.

i.         Star wars fan? This is a perfect gift.

 a.       Score brownie points with this cute little sign.

b.      Get her a new custom case. Extra points if it has your family photo on it. Try Skinit.com for more.

c.       Perfect for the STHM who blogs, or runs a business.

d.      This shop has the CUTEST art.

e.      Take her to Paris. Well, anytime she looks at this whimsical little print that it.

f.        Remind her of her roots. Or where you met, or where you live now…

g.       Classy and easy to wear.

h.      Who doesn’t want this little cutie?!

i.         No kids? Score HUGE brownie point with a custom painting of her little fur babies. Trust me on this one.


a.       My little furballs are getting these this year.

b.      As if you need another reminder of how fast they grow. But they love it.

c.       HA! Get the looks at the pet store.

d.      So sweet and adorable.

e.      Looks cuter than the ones in the store.

f.        What kid wouldn’t love this?! How stickin’ cute!

g.       For the little gentleman.

h.      This is for a pattern only.

i.         For the not quite so little ones.

You might have noticed most of these gift ideas came from etsy. It’s the easiest place to shop for handmade goods. But a word of caution, before you order do a little looking. Read the shop info or Google them.  A little work now can save you hassle later.

Have a happy holidays.  And remember. It’s not ALL about the gifts.