Why Am I Not Perfect?: A Guest Post

In my absence, I have some amazing guest posters to feature.  When I called out for help during these difficult weeks, this amazing woman stepped up and said I could use anything on her blog that I wanted.  That’s quite an offer!  And a daunting task to sort through all those posts to find the perfect post to represent both her and myself.  But I found it on just the second page I looked.  I hope you will find this post as beautiful and moving as I did.  I was beyond humbled by this look into her life and, as someone with relatives who have special needs, I find that I am so often amazed by them and humbled by them at the same time.

Be sure to check out her blog Faith, Hope, & Love Life

Why am I different from you all?

That is the question I was asked by my younger brother.  For those that do not know, my brother has special needs and is an amazing young guy.  Yet he sees himself with limits and it is heartbreaking to see and hear at times.

I know we are not perfect, which I made clear to my younger brother.  Physically we may seem “perfect” but we are not perfect at all.  My siblings and I fail a lot in many things, such as how to interact with each other and things of that sort.  IF we were so perfect, Christ would never had to die for our sins.

My younger brother has had to show us various times that even a person with limitless functions has to have a humbling experience once in a while.  Since being home visiting family, he has put me in a humbling position once or twice.  Mainly by asking why he is not perfect.  I may look perfect on the inside but I know my flaws (both physically and spiritually) and I am dealing with them.

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