Miley Cyrus and the VMA’s. *Insert Eye Roll*

Yes, that is her boob she is grabbing

Yes, that is her boob she is grabbing.
Pic traced to:

**** I will warn you ahead of time that you might not like this post and I fully expect to have people disagree with me, as well as lose a few followers.  However, if you choose to comment, at least be respectful.


I don’t watch the VMA’s anymore.  Not because I think I’m too old or anything, I’m just not an awards show fan.  Even when I was in high school, I caught highlights on replay the next day most years.  But every year there has to be a scandal and this year it was Miley Cyrus.

I woke up to my Facebook and Twitter feed filled with nothing but Miley Cyrus talk.  Everyone was talking about twerking, which I’d never heard of, and her love affair with a foam finger.  Naturally that means I Google’ed the video.

A few things struck me while watching:

  1. Why is everyone all upset?
  2. She’s an adult
  3. Get over her tongue.  We all have one.
  4. The foam finger stuff could have been much worse.

I’m not saying she wasn’t dressed provocatively, or dancing suggestively.  I’m say that she is TWENTY years old.  She is not ten, she is not Hanna Montana and she is not on the Disney Channel anymore.  She is a grown ass woman.  Let’s all stop viewing her as a child and remember that she is a full fledge pop star and legally an adult.  I know people who were married with kids by twenty, so let’s have a little perspective please.

And because she’s an adult, I honestly don’t understand why I saw at least ten separate people ask where her parents were in my Facebook feed.  Who cares?  When I was twenty years old, I still lived at home and yet I STILL managed to not give a crap what my parents thought of anything I did.  I stayed out late, sometimes all night, I partied, and I DRESSED. HOWEVER. I.  WANTED. TO.

Again, with the perspective.  She is a full grown human, who is capable of making her own decisions without needing the permission of her parents on what she can and cannot wear or dance moves she can and cannot do.

So, now that we have established her age, let’s talk about the performance itself.

I’m not saying she didn’t do some dirty stuff guys.  BUT, a month or so ago, my husband made a comment about her new song and I hadn’t heard it.  He looked up the video on Youtube and played it for me.  Have you seen it?  Because if you had, you’d have had the same reaction that I had when watching the VMA “scandal.”  Which was that I shrugged my shoulders and said, “uh, I don’t get it.”

From the video: And yes, she is doing something just as suggestive looking as the picture implies

From the video: And yes, she is doing something just as suggestive looking as the picture implies

The video is suggestive, weird and she’s half naked throughout it.  So really, what did you think was going to happen when she performed it live on TV?  And for that matter, is anyone listening to the lyrics?  She talks about shaking it like you’re at a strip club, being at a party and betting someone is going to “get some,” and the likes.  So again, what did you all expect?  And why was nobody shouting outrage at that first?  Why wait all those months to suddenly be angry that she is dancing like a hooker and showing skin?  That video plays all the time, so really, if you didn’t have a problem with your kids watching it, or you watching it, now’s not really the time to suddenly be shocked she showed up in next to nothing and danced like a stripper.

She is not ten.  She is not Hanna Montana.  She is an adult and needs no permission from her parents or anyone else to sing about that stuff, dance how she wants and be a little slutty.

The problem, as I see it, is that we have a hard time letting children grow up.  Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and the likes all had similar outrages thrown in their directions when they became adults and started singing about sex and show skin. Remember Britney Spears on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine?

And really, take a look at other pop stars out there.  In the grand history of the VMA’s, Miley is by no means the most outrageous thing to ever have happened.  And there are plenty of rappers and singers who have done much worse.  So, let’s take a collected deep breath and remember that just because you wouldn’t want your kid to do that, doesn’t negate the fact that she is an ADULT pop singer who can do whatever she wants.

Are you curious now? Watch for yourself.

2013 VMA performance

We Can’t Stop Video

And while no one said much about the We Can’t Stop video, three years ago, she released this music video and everyone was upset that it was “too” sexy.

Who Owns My Heart Video

PS.  She is NOT a role model.  If you are expecting every person who is famous to not be fallible human beings, simply because they sing a song or star in a movie, then you are sadly misguided.  If you want a positive role model for your children, be one.

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33 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus and the VMA’s. *Insert Eye Roll*

  1. I love this. I agree. It’s the VMAs people, this is what it is for– raunchy, ridiculous scantily clad women dancing around. I don’t watch it because I don’t approve — but it’s her right to do it and their right to air it. I, however, had a huge problem with Robin Thicke — but his video is equally awful. It is unbelievable that a married father could act so awful, but again, I don’t have to see it if I don’t want to. Thanks for an honest post.

    • I’ve heard terrible things about Robin Thicke’s video!!! I haven’t bothered to watch it.

      But yes, the VMA’s are a spectacle for sure. I don’t bother to watch it.

  2. I soooooooooooo agree with you!! :-)
    Isabelle Goyer recently posted…The kids are (soon) back to school? Maybe this is THE Opportunity You have been waiting for…My Profile

  3. What gets me is that she IS an adult. I think this is the wrong perspective. People say “oh, she’s an adult and can act however she wants.” This is true, she can do whatever she wants. But when people becomes adults that’s definitely when they should NOT act this way. This is not adult behavior- it is really immature and twisted behavior. I think it is really sad that she is an “adult.”
    Holly recently posted…The LetterMy Profile

    • I agree with you. I’m not condoning what she is doing, I wouldn’t do that, but I think it’s crazy that I saw so many people on social media asking “where are her parents?” That’s what got me. WHo cares where they are, she is an adult who made a decision to be raunchy all on her own.
      But I definitely think it’s a sign on how immature she is. You are spot on with that too :)

  4. I haven’t watched awards shows in a long time…
    I saw clips of her performance and just didn’t want to watch anymore..
    I don’t understand the insanity around her performance but if you don’t like it, you can easily turn off the tv. plain and simple.

    M just shook his head when he saw the clips and said that he doesn’t listen to her anyway so he doesn’t care.

    I’ve never been a fan of her but I am a fan of her dad’s music (I’m in my 20s though). I don’t like it, I won’t give it much attention and I have my personal beliefs/morals as well.

    I love your summary of everything. :-)

  5. i agree with you! i watched the VMAs and was so surprised when the next day there was all this backlash. i was like, did we watch the same thing? i didn’t even think she was that provocative. not any different than madonna or britney. what is wrong with people these days. just go live your own life and stop telling people how to live theirs.

    • It definitely wasn’t the most shocking thing to ever happen at the VMA’s, not by a long shot! It was raunchy, but could have been much worse. She is making some interesting choices, that’s for sure, but nothing that I was overly shocked by.

  6. I normally not an awards show watcher myself either, but my husband is and insisted we watch the vma’s so I was forced to watch it. Personally, Miley succeeded in doing what she intended to do… shock and awe. The next day, what was everyone talking about? Miley’s performance.

    Yes, she is no longer a Disney star. But neither is Justin Timberlake and his performance was very respectable, even though it also had sexual and adult connotations in it. I’ve never been a fan of some of the so-called “dancing” that today’s stars do, most of which is very popular in the clubs. However, you can still dance and perform without being downright disgusting, which is what I felt Miley Cyrus’ performance was. I don’t know, maybe it was the weird giant Teddy Bears.
    Amanda recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: What About Us, Dad?My Profile

    • Those teddy bears were super weird and creepy. She was definitely giving a raunchy performance, but it’s not the most shocking thing to ever happen at the VMA’s. I think that is why I was so surprised by the reaction.

      But she got what she wanted: Great PR

  7. So, I for one didn’t even know she sang that song. I don’t have tv/cable, so I don’t see music videos (and I’m 30 with toddlers… so even if we had tv, we probably wouldn’t see these music videos anyway). I think most parents who were upset by it also probably didn’t know this was her song, but maybe I’m just guessing. I’m probably a bit of a prude and think this type of behavior is inappropriate regardless of age. Yes, she’s an adult, which gives her the right to make herself look completely cheap in public, but people don’t have to like it or be quiet about it. Honestly, I think most people had no clue about the song or her video until they saw this or heard about it from others. (Sorry for the rambly comment, I’m tired…)
    Vanessa recently posted…The Not Quite Perfect Wedding – Custom Printable GiveawayMy Profile

    • She is definitely making some interesting career choices… My husband was saying that he’s curious to see where this all leads since it appears the VMA’s was only the tip of the crazy iceberg

  8. Here are a few funnies from The Onion below if anyone is interested:

    Onion in 2008, “Sources Warn Cyrus with be Depleted by 2013″

    Also recently from the Onion after the performance:,33632/
    Simple Jen recently posted…I Love Words…Wordy Wednesday Week TwoMy Profile

  9. I completely agree. I didn’t really watch the whole show … and had to youtube a few videos the next day. And while it was suggestive, I think the biggest thing that had me thinking “WHAT THE WHAT?!” was when Robin Thicke was all up in her business on stage … knowing his age and hers, and that he could ALMOST be her Dad. Do I think she could have made some better choices on wardrobe ? Sure — I don’t think a year from now she’s going to still be in love with a teddy bear one piece made from almost nothing. Or a plastic bra and ill-fitting underwear. But you are right — there have been many worse things shown on MTV … and there will be many more to come, I’m sure! Is it something I want my young daughter to emulate? Heck No! But that’s why Im her mother — I can control the things {at least at this age right now} that she listens to and watches … and can be her FIRST role model, so she doesn’t have to look to celebrities flaunting it for the world to see! Miley is a pop star … she is simply doing the things pop stars do … that being anything that garnishes them attention and more fame! Regardless of how positive or negative that attention may be!
    Ashley C recently posted…MarblesMy Profile

    • I could hug you! Definitely not the worst thing to ever show up at the VMA’s and: Exactly, you are setting a great example for your daughter! And she will learn that dancing around half naked dressed in flesh colored plastic and shaking your butt is a clear sign that your life has gone astray ;)

  10. I watched the VMA’s this year, but only because I wanted to see the much anticipate Nsync reunion. I turned it after that. I did see Miley’s performance. While I don’t understand it, I’m not really bothered by it. I’m an adult, she’s an adult, Robin Thicke’s suit was kinda tight and not flattering. I won’t let my kids watch stuff like this and if my child did something like that I would beat her ass and lock her in her room. I’m kinda meh about the whole thing though. I’m usually meh about most stuff celebrities do.

    • I didn’t have a strong reaction to it either. I watched and then turned off youtube and got on FB. It was really the intense reaction from the people to her that got me surprised and shocked.

      I wouldn’t want it to be my daughter, but Miley is free to be a bat shit crazy as she’d like ;)

  11. I personally am not ok with a lot of things…but I understand I’m a prude, very conservative and yes my beliefs have a lot to do with how I feel. So I’m mostly upset about things that usually people aren’t upset over. Frankly I just wish artists would just sing their freaking songs and act in their movies and just stop trying to shock everyone, be over-sexualized, political or what have you. But I realize that I’m lame….
    Rheanna recently posted…Rhe’s Bookshelf – Robert Griffin IIIMy Profile

  12. While I understand your points, and they do have validity, I disagree with you on a number of levels. Yes the original video was stupid and suggestive. My expectations were not high for her performance. She is a grown woman though. You are right about this. But like it or not famous people should never be viewed an infallible, however they are role models. There is a difference. No one on earth is perfect. But we have created a culture that cannot seperate entertainment (music, acting, sports…) from heroism and fame. Once upon time these things were not stirred together. It used to always just be about the art, practice and execution of these things. Not gimics and fame.

    So the problem is perpetuated when people have this very “Oh she’s just being Miley” reaction and throw up their hands. What children, young people and weak minded adults get from that is that yes, this is how its done. Its good to go batshit crazy and shake your butt for money and fame. It works. They STAY role models because of people ignoring it and saying “well, they aren’t supposed to role models anyway.” People standing up and saying THIS is not art. THIS is not how you gain acceptance, that’s how you change the pattern and will see a shift to fame whores no longer being viewed as role models.

    Last night I showed G.I. Joe the clips of her act. I was amused by it. Not so much angered. But definitely disgusted because like I said, she is a role model whether you or anyone else likes it or not. All in all though I can laugh it off and walk away. But G.I. Joe was more bothered. He looked at me and said wow, I shed blood for this? I faced death for this country, and we have to fight for me to get even basic forms of care…but this girl is considered a cultural icon?

    Doesn’t really seem fair to me personally. And it will always be this way if people don’t acknowledge the weight of their actions. Society’s priorities will always be out of whack with unconcerned attitudes. I don’t want my kids to ever think that this is what a woman’s body was made for or fame and shocking people is a productive lifestyle.
    MrsGIJoe recently posted…I am a Caregiver.My Profile

    • I understand that role model is forced on her by society, but she shouldn’t be a role model. I was not raised to idolize celebrities and if more people had been raised that way, I think the issue of her being a role model would be dead and buried.

      So, on that front, I actually think we agree for the most part. We need to stop the cycle of idolizing these people.

      I think it’s a shame that our society has decided that they way to make money is to be scandalous and shock people. I don’t care about that stuff, I just want to hear the music. I’m not 100% how we even got here, but it’s a big reason as to why I no longer listen to top 40′s music. Is stick to country where there still seems to be morals involved with the showmanship.

  13. As I said to someone else after this occured; I have seen worse from far better artists. I wasn’t bothered by her act at all, I just thought it sucked. She looked silly doing it. She didn’t pull off this image at all.

  14. FINALLY! A voice of reason. No, I didn’t watch the VMAs either, but I did watch clips yesterday and honestly, Miley didn’t do anything that Madonna hasn’t already done.
    This: “PS. She is NOT a role model. If you are expecting every person who is famous to not be fallible human beings, simply because they sing a song or star in a movie, then you are sadly misguided. If you want a positive role model for your children, be one.”
    My exact thought. Why are you allowing a child on tv to be a role model for your child? Children don’t need child role models! They need ADULT role models.
    And let’s go a bit further. Obviously there’s something messed up with this girl. Do all of these so called ‘adults’ spewing venom at her think it’s going to do her any good?
    And lastly, let’s talk about how fickle the press, parents, and America in general is. The picture of Will Smith’s kids has been plastered everywhere. It was just a month or so ago that there was outrage on the internet about Willow Smith’s song being too promiscuous for her…how it implied a sexual summer fling instead of a little Summer Crush, how the boys were obviously cast older than her for a ‘reason’.
    Get over your selective morals and stop using people for what you think their purposes are, role models, punching bags, scapegoats, whatever.
    Missy Homemaker recently posted…2 Week Homeschool UpdateMy Profile

  15. I hate how people say she was Disney star. It’s true, but she WAS. She doesn’t have to be this wholesome Hannah Montana forever or a role model. It was way over the top and gross, but it was almost like her video, so it wasn’t all that surprising.

    P.S. I hadn’t watched the VMAs in about 10 years, and I HATE awards shows too.
    Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason recently posted…20 Facts About MeMy Profile

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