4 Blogging Etiquette Rules You Don’t Know You Are Breaking Part 1

Welcome to my series “How to NOT Suck at Blogging.”  I decided to start this after numerous requests for written tutorials from bloggers I have helped.  The title is meant to be a joke, but if you suck at blogging (like I did when I first started) I hope you are able to find some useful and helpful information in the series. If not, well, don’t say I never did nothing nice for ya!

Four Blogging Etiquette Rules You Don't Know You Are Breaking

So, let’s talk blogging etiquette:

One thing that grinds my gears is blogging etiquette.  That seems really stupid, but to be honest, many of the etiquette rules we follow are for a really good reason.  Some are just you being courteous, but some things can have negative effects on SEO, numbers, or other things that professional bloggers (and semi-professional bloggers like me) rely on.

I could write whole posts on commenting, guest posting and other individual topics, but I’ve opted to write a post with the biggest mistakes I see being made and why you shouldn’t do them.  Or do them, but know that other bloggers are gonna be irked.


  1. Original Content is KING!  If you are offering a guest post to someone, doesn’t matter the reason, it should be original content only.  Unless you have an agreement to repost something, or the blogger has said it’s ok if it’s not original, it’s rude to submit something you have published on your blog already.  It’s even ruder if you have published it on SOMEONE ELSE’S blog as a guest post already.  Aside from the obvious reason this is not proper etiquette, duplicate content hurts SEO.  Google Spiders and other search engines do not like duplicate content.  It will affect both of your SEO standings and search engine standings.  Not to mention, if it happens enough, Google will ban you from being shown in searches all together.  And we all live and die by Google.
  2. Give Credit Where Credit is Due!  This is really important y’all.  Not just so that you don’t sound like you are plagiarizing other bloggers but also because it’s good blogging karma.  If you were inspired by a post, shove a link to the post in there somewhere.  The link will help out the other blogger.  Google Gods love blogs that have lots of links to them out in the Google Universe.  Plus, it’s nice as a fellow blogger to know that someone was inspired by something you wrote.  If someone helps you, give them a little shout out on social media.  The Blog Karma Gods will smile in your favor for that too.
  3. If your account is set to private, don’t share it in linkups.  This is a combination of a pet peeve of mine, and good blogging etiquette.  Nothing sucks more than joining an Instagram hop only to click on the link to see “User is private.”  If your various accounts are set to private, don’t join hops. If you want to join hops, don’t set your profiles to private.  Most people will not take the time request to follow you anyway so you’d be doing yourself a favor in the process of not being rude.
  4. Link up rules count.  Here’s the deal folks, most linkups have rules.  The rules are there for a reason.  If you are supposed to linkup your blog, don’t linkup your Facebook page and vice versa.  Be nice.  Follow the co-hosts if you are supposed to, visit the number of blogs you are supposed to and say hi.  And link up the right stuff.  Don’t be that guy.  1. Remember blogging karma?  Yeah. And 2. You aren’t doing yourself any favors. I immediately exit out of a page that has linked up the wrong thing, as will most others.  If I want your FB page, I’m not going to wade through your blog to find a link to it.  So do yourself a favor, and save me some time in the process.  EVERYONE will thank you on this one.

Check back next Thursday for FOUR MORE etiquette rules you probably don’t even realize you are breaking.

About A Girl

A Girl is a 20 something blogger who began blogging in 2008 as a means of coping with a deployment. She is a Veterinary Technician by trade and loves her work in Emergency and Critical Care. She is married to a 11 year veteran of the USMC reserves, whom she meet shortly after he returned from a deployment. They have been married for four years, have three, very bratty dogs, and are currently trying to muddle through the aftermath of a difficult deployment for both.

19 thoughts on “4 Blogging Etiquette Rules You Don’t Know You Are Breaking Part 1

  1. Two questions.

    Recently a blogger took a comment I made in a discussion on facebook and passed it off as her own (her sentence started with “as I always say…”) on her blog. She’s not aware that I read it but should I pull her up on “plagiarism”?
    Secondly she mentions many people (including children) by name. She herself, her husband are anonymous but she has provided readers with enough information to make everyone, except herself, identifiable. Is this good blogging etiquette? I only ask as she is publishing information unbeknownst to her subjects.

  2. Nice blog name. Love the wisdom of this post. Following on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Linda

    Please come and share if you like:


  3. Great tips for a new blogger! Glad to see I am doing some stuff right already! I totally agree, I am a big advocate on credits! Ty!

  4. So far, I haven’t broken any of these! I haven’t written any guest posts yet, but I would like to. I will be eagerly awaiting the next post on this!
    Cheri recently posted…Take a Deep BreathMy Profile

  5. I have never been a guest blogger. Hopefully someday! Always thought it would be a great way to get some of my favorite posts a little more play, but now I see I was wrong.
    Tam@ spinstersnacks.com

  6. I just did a social media hop and one of the CO-HOSTS had a link to her private Instagram account. Seriously? You want more followers, but you’re afraid to be public? You can’t be both.
    Denise recently posted…Pleygo: LEGO Rental, All the Fun, No Mess to KeepMy Profile

  7. I agree with Poekitten – I hate having to put the button on my blog posts for a link up. I usually just bypass those ones now that more and more link up s don’t require it. I’d rather put the button on my Facebook.
    Teresa recently posted…Add Excitement to Family Movie Night & Make It UnforgettableMy Profile

  8. Phew so far so good. I think I am catching in to this blogging gig. Thank you for some great reassurance.
    Karen Main recently posted…Why that terrible routine is actually bliss.My Profile

  9. Thanks for this post because I just started linking up my Instagram on hops and realize that I never took it off private. Look at that, you saved me from sucking at blogging just a little today! Truly though, good post….thank you!
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted…The Dolt Who Flubbed The Sunshine Award aka Who Me?My Profile

  10. Yes! I agree to all of them! Though the one link up rule I hate is having to put the button on the post or blog. I find it annoying but I get it:)
    Poekitten recently posted…Fall TreatsMy Profile

  11. Thanks for this! I had some questions about guest posts and your piece pretty much covered it. Very helpful!
    Per recently posted…Trivia Thursday!My Profile

  12. I am always confused by private accounts in linkups. I mean, I totally understand private accounts and people wanting to not be followed by strangers. BUT then why add it to a linkup to have strangers request to follow you… Totally don’t get it.
    Jane recently posted…Answering Your QuestionsMy Profile

  13. Thanks for posting this. We could all use your rules. Pinned.
    Annamaria @ Bakewell Junction recently posted…Butterfinger Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles #12WksXmasTreats #Chocolate PartyMy Profile

  14. These are GREAT Tips! Especially #3…that can be so annoying….

    Definitely going to share, pin and tweet :)
    Tiffany recently posted…What Is Dreaming? By: Etan Boritzer {Kite Reader’s Book Review}My Profile

  15. All so true, and I’m new to blogging in a serious way. I never knew about linkup rules though so thanks!
    Lauren recently posted…Military One Click: Tricks without the Treats- Clean Options for Halloween CandyMy Profile

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