How to Make a Blank Square for Blog Design Using PicMonkey

How to Make a Blank Square for Blog Design Using PicMonkey

This is a quickie tutorial because I think everyone needs to have a plane blank square.  And it’s going to come in handy later on in my tutorials.

I use PicMonkey for this, but of course, if you have Photoshop or something like that, this tutorial is unnecessary for you.


First, hop onto PicMonkey and open ANY photo.  Literally any photo will do, regardless of size or color.

upload any photo

Then crop the image.  PicMonkey has present crops you can use, so select the square one and plop it somewhere on the picture.  Size doesn’t matter.

Crop the image so that you have a square.  At this point, you can opt to resize it if you’d like.  I personally keep mine as a 150X150px since that’s a pretty standard size for blog use.

croppicture Next, go to the Overlays section and select a geometric overlay.  Square works best.  And make the overlay larger than the cropped picture.  I also make mine white, but you don’t necessarily have to. I just find white is an easier color to work on later.

Merge the two layers and save.

overlay Tada!  You have a blank square that will really come in handy.  I use mine for the base of blog buttons, social media icons and all kinds of other stuff.  And you can resize it very easily to make it a rectangle later or bigger or smaller depending on your project.

Save square to computer

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4 thoughts on “How to Make a Blank Square for Blog Design Using PicMonkey

  1. There is a new feature on pic monkey where you can start with a blank canvas. I’ve been using it like crazy to make things for my sponsors and stuff. It’s the best new feature…ever.
    Katie recently posted…A Few Ways You Can Tell You’re A Little Bit Too CheapMy Profile

  2. Interesting. I use PicMonkey. I go to make a collage, pick one at random (usually the one with 2 squares next to each other), then click edit. This brings my blank, empty collage over to be edited. I then just crop it to one square. Then I can do whatever I want with it.

    • I’ve used that method too, but it saves a lot of time to have a blank square on your computer ready to go. I do a lot of design stuff and even though I have photoshop, I still use PicMonkey for some things so it’s nice to have one ready to go. :)

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