Before You Buy that Townhome!!!

Before You Buy That Townhome //

So, in light of my recent weird health issue and the whole not walking thing, I’ve really had to re-evaluate my life and our situation.  It’s not to say that I don’t love our home.  It’s not even to say I’d love a reason to move, redecorate or even change the furniture (though the last one might be a little true); it’s more to say that there are a lot of things you don’t think about when buying a house.

For instance, everyone tells you to have a plan.  Before you buy that home, how long do you plan to live in it?  Can it grow with you, your lifestyle and your family plans?  No one says, “Hey, do you plan on suddenly being unable to walk?  Because if you do, a townhome might not be for you.”

Man, I wish someone had said that to me five years ago.

It’s been exhausting to go in and out of doctor appointment after doctor appointment and explain, “No, we don’t have family in the area.  No, we have no friends I can stay with.  No, we have no where for me to go.”

We have a three story townhome.  The entry level is just that.  The middle is our “living” area, but ALL of the bathrooms are on the third level.  Which means I have to make a choice: Easy access to a bathroom when I can’t walk OR easy access to food.

We took the bathroom approach, and trust me when I say that was the right one. Man alive do steroids make a girl have to pee like a racehorse!!!

But it has gotten me into the rut of doing that customer service thing I do.  You know the one where you tell the same joke over and over because it’s someone new so it’s new to them?

Yeah, that.

I sit in my wheelchair and laugh as I say, “Man, shouldn’t have bought that townhome.” Ayuck, ayuck, ayuck.

But it does have me truly appreciating how little of our situation is going to be compatible with this life much longer.  I can’t have my wheelchair upstairs.  Our hall is too narrow and too short to navigate it.  I can’t get in and out of the bathrooms with it for the same reason.  And while it fits downstairs, I need to be able to hit the head when needed so that’s sort of out too.

On the bright side, my bed is comfortable, I have Tivo in the bedroom (which isn’t new, but man am I glad I fought my husband on that one!!!) and we got our internet issues upstairs sorted out just in time.

But the real takeaway lesson here is DON’T BUY A TOWNHOME.

I’d love to say I have some really, truly profound bits of advice during this time.  I’m thankful for all I have, blah, blah, blah, but really, what I’m telling you is this: BUY A RAMBLER.  I really wish we had a rambler right about now.

Oh, and be thankful for being able to walk and crap.  That stuff matters too.

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