My Husband Wouldn’t Stab Me!!!

My Husband Wouldn't Stab Me //

The title to this post is both absurd and a truth fact.  Seriously.  But you’ll see why.

A few months ago, I was contacted by Safe Guard Armor about the chance to review one of their stab/bullet proof Kevlar vests.  Naturally I said yes, because, well… It’s the chance to review a stab/bullet proof vest!!!  Are you kidding me!!!??? OF COURSE I WILL!  Safe Guard Amor and Safe Guard Clothing are a great company that value quality and customer satisfaction.  They were great to work with and their website is incredibly user friendly. And their reputation was enough for me to feel confident that I was in good hands if I should try to convince my husband to stab me once the vest arrived.

I told my husband about it and he did what he always does when I talk blog.  He only half listened.  But when it came time to solidify my agreement with the company and figure out my size so I could get one ordered, suddenly he wanted to know if I could get it in his size. Uh, no.  Not even a little. It’s MINE!

Let me tell you, it arrived and I was thrilled.  It fits a little high (thank you new, giant boobs for being in the way) but it’s hard to order the perfect fit when you are on meds that keep causing you to gain weight.  What I really love is that it doesn’t pinch anywhere or rub funny when I move around.  It’s also surprisingly light weight.  Though, I doubt I could wear it under normal TShirts without being obvious, it is light enough to wear under a sweatshirt or looser fitting shirt and probably not be visible, which is fine by me.  I don’t plan to be in too many situations where I would need a bullet proof vest, but it’s nice to know I can wear one discreetly if need be.

Female CoolMax Bullet and Stab Proof Vest

They sent me the Female CoolMax with Level 2 Ballistics and Level 1 Stab.  It’s pretty freaking awesome and boast advanced poly-carbon netting material that allows heat to escapte and the netting also keeps your body warm in colder climates.



I did try to get my husband to stab me while wearing it.  I tried at least three times to convince him why this would be awesome.  Naturally, I showed him their website and he got to handle the vest.  He got to read about it and see what a great product it is.  I explained how great it would be for my review and made all kinds of wonderful and valid arguments for my case, but he flat refused, especially when I said I wanted to video tape it.   Clearly, he’s no fun.  I mean, really, how freaking awesome would that have been!?

Either way, stabbed or not, my vest arrived and exceeded my expectations.  It was not only light weight, but surprisingly comfortable to wear and definitely lives up to everything the website says about it.  And the company offered an article about why proper female body armor is really important, so be sure to keep an eye out for that to be posted in the coming days!!