Binge and Purge: Confessions of an ALMOST Hoarder

binge and purge I am not a hoarder.  I’m not even close.  I’m hyper organized and want a place for everything and everything in its place.  That said, I do tend to hang on to stuff.  If I have the room for it, why not?  But it means that I end up with stuff I don’t need that I “might” use some day.  I’m especially bad about craft stuff.  Really bad.  Terrible.  But that’s not the only place I tend to hang onto stuff.

I tend to binge and purge in this area of my llife.  I store and  keep and save and collect and then I do a massive purge some point later down the road.  Having been stuck in bed, I haven’t been able to do either.

What’s also funny is that all this time away from my stuff has made me really appreciate how little of it I really use.  Seriously.  I have all kinds of stuff I never use, stuff I would use if I had bothered to organize it, and stuff that I use all the time, but only because it’s there.

And here is my latest in a long line of life lessons brought on by this illness:  I may not be a hoarder, but I keep stuff for no reason.  And my reason is the same as many true hoarders:  What if I need it someday?

It has caused me to appreciate where I learned this:  My family.  My grandparents were hoarders on a small scale and even my parents tend to accumulate.  They just hide it better than most.

So, I cleaned my office.  I needed to anyway, but I cleaned.  I removed, got rid of, recycle and purged.  And I’m not done.  I realize that there are very valid reasons to keep a lot of stuff.  But if it’s been sitting in the closet in my office for 5 years, how badly do I really need it?  If I didn’t remember I had it, how badly do I really need it?   The reality is, I don’t.  And this whole concept has me itching to ditch the stuff in the rest of the house I’m hanging onto for no real reason…

My name is A Girl, and I’m a recovering Binger and Purger ready to purge for the last time.