A Lesson in Humility

humility The thing about blogging is that you can say whatever you want.  Anyone who has read my blog for long knows that, while I strive to be respectful, I also tend to type whatever comes into my head without much thought.  My Facebook fan page is even worse.  And while it makes for entertaining reading, it doesn’t always make for a good person.

I had a lesson in humility today.  And while I won’t back down on the pet peeve I voiced, I will freely and openly admit that it was wrong of me to voice it so loudly.

I posted a little, non-personal, Facebook status update on my page.  It was a step by step of how to ensure that you see all of the updates on the pages you follow.  The post itself got no shares and only one like.  However, it was copy and pasted by another fan page and I was given no recognition as the original writer.

Now, you may say that’s no big deal, but as a writer, I take copy and pasting my work very seriously.  Had the page chosen to share it, I would have been fine, but they chose to copy and paste and pass the writing off as their own. I feel that that is rude.  And while most people wouldn’t see that as a big deal, I am sensitive to anything I write being passed off as someone else’s.

Now, I’m not going to change my mind.  I’m always going to think it’s rude.  But what I did next was inexcusable.  I didn’t contact the page, I went into a closed group and spouted off about how rude that is to do.  I explained why and most people said, “Meh, they should have tagged you, but whatever.”  And they were right.  “Whatever” is the correct attitude to take on something so inconsequencial.

But then a blogger posted.  She said she thought I was talking about her and she was very apologetic.  She agreed with my stance and said she was multi-tasking and thus, didn’t think about the quick copy and paste job.

My heart sank.  While I have every right to feel I how I want to feel about anything in the world, it was highly inappropriate of me to get riled up and start talking about it in my group.  While I didn’t name names, and I didn’t say anything rude and personal about the blogger, it was still unkind of me to do that.

It wasn’t the girl who spoke up.  She was not the blogger that I saw copy and paste my status update.  But it was a reminder to me that humility is the best path to take and that my sensitivity to things doesn’t negate the fact that we are all humans.

The person that I saw copy and paste my work is not a member of the group I posted in.  But it doesn’t negate the fact that I had allowed myself to get riled up and spout off in a group about something that I was blowing out of proportion.  Yes, my writing was stolen, BUT, and it’s a great big BUT, the point of the post was to help readers see the posts from the pages they follow.  That is a great thing to share and it benefits everyone.  While I wish the blogger had chosen to tag my page or give me credit when taking my words, the overall benefit of something like that being shared is good for everyone.  Someone may see it on a different page, but still use the lessons to follow my page.

My lesson in humility was one that I wish I hadn’t needed to learn.  But while I can say anything I want on my blog and be bratty on my Facebook page, it’s only funny when I’m not legitimately hurting anyone.  It’s only funny when I am pointing the finger at myself and not someone else.  Lesson learned.  Sometimes, you have to take a deep breath and realize that there was no harm or malice involved in the actions of that person and that in the grand scheme of things that could be stolen, a non-personal Facebook status is not the worst thing in the world.  It wasn’t a blog post, it wasn’t a picture I took; it was helpful tips that benefit the entire community.

Insert Humble Pie in mouth.

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