For All My Childless Friends

We All Live With the Objective of Being Happy

My friend shared an article on Facebook that was things that that parents need to stop saying to nonparents. It was quite a departure from the standard “you don’t know anything because you don’t have children” articles that I’ve been used to my friends sharing. And it also reminded me, as many things do, that my husband and I are a minority in the military world. While we did get married young by the standards of my family and just about everybody that we know, but typical of military families, the one thing on which we don’t fall into your standard military family line is having children. In a world that is very family centric, and families are started quite young, we have crossed the lines of both time and marriage at a time in which it is appropriate in the military world to have started your family. We are Continue reading

Dear Congress: The Clock is Ticking and a Nation Hangs in the Balance

Dear Congress, I am not naïve enough to think that your job is easy.  I wouldn’t trade you places even though you make six times what I do.  I wouldn’t trade you places because I understand that the decisions you make are often heavy with the weight of an entire public hanging in the balance. But while I don’t pretend that it really is as simple as doing your jobs, I do have to say that I don’t understand what you are currently doing.  Squabbling, arguing, fighting and waging a war amongst yourselves.  You argue like children negotiating with their parents for a later bedtime.  And while you are busy trying to strong arm each other, a nation is sitting on the edge of their seats, wondering where their paycheck might come from if you can’t come to an agreement. We are a nation at war.  Whether it’s the beginning, Continue reading

I’m Half Japanese, Not Half American! And I Support Miss America

Miss America 2014

If you have to start your sentence with “I’m not a racist but…” “I don’t mean to come off racist but…” or “this might sound racist but…” or any variation of those, you are not only about the say something totally racist, but you are, in fact, a racist.  The third one is my favorite of all time.  No, sweetie, you don’t “sound” racist, you are racist.  There, I said it; I put it out in the world. Don’t be a racist douche and I won’t be forced to call you a racist douche. What has brought this on is, of course, the reaction to Miss America that the general public had this past weekend.  It both saddens me, and, even more sadly, doesn’t surprise me. In an age when many would like us to believe that we are a progressive nation full of forward thinkers, I have often found Continue reading

Miley Cyrus and the VMA’s. *Insert Eye Roll*

Yes, that is her boob she is grabbing

**** I will warn you ahead of time that you might not like this post and I fully expect to have people disagree with me, as well as lose a few followers.  However, if you choose to comment, at least be respectful.   I don’t watch the VMA’s anymore.  Not because I think I’m too old or anything, I’m just not an awards show fan.  Even when I was in high school, I caught highlights on replay the next day most years.  But every year there has to be a scandal and this year it was Miley Cyrus. I woke up to my Facebook and Twitter feed filled with nothing but Miley Cyrus talk.  Everyone was talking about twerking, which I’d never heard of, and her love affair with a foam finger.  Naturally that means I Google’ed the video. A few things struck me while watching: Why is everyone all Continue reading

My Response to the Incredibly Offensive Letter Sent to a Mother with an Autistic Child

I will start this out by saying that it’s not often I go on rants about the state of humanity. Though I admit that I often find that the acts of people at large disgust and disappoint me, it’s rare that I come online and voice things that might actually be equally as hateful as what fired me up. However, today I am going to make an exception. posted a picture of a letter that was sent anonymously to a family by way of slipping it under their door. An act, in itself, that should tell you that the person behind the letter is a coward. (Click the link to view the letter in full) And what kind of horrible person says these things about a CHILD? What I find particularly ridiculous is that the person who wrote the letter says that no one else has the guts to Continue reading

Amy’s Thoughts On Budget Cuts

Hello. I’m Amy from Trials & Triumphs of Loving my Sailor I wanted to help out during this difficult time for “A Girl” with a guest post. Being a Navy wife there are a lot of different topics to share, but I wanted to bring up one that is hitting every military home.  Budget cuts. How do we Mili Spouses help our military during this time? Support our MWR committee. Our MWR committee’s are important for various reasons, and they help out is so many areas that we may not be aware of. I went to the MWR link for San Diego to share what they do with everyone.  As you can see they help with housing, homecomings, the commissary, base events, the bowling alley, movie theater, fitness areas, and much more. Some of these single Sailors who are ‘seamen’ or ’3rd class’ don’t make that much money – so the Continue reading

Each Day We Have Is A Gift, Don’t Let it Go Unopened

I had to watch the news of the shootings last week unfold via social media.  At home sick, I watched it trickle its way through Twitter, then Facebook as it moved from one coast to the other.  I sat in my bed, horror struck at what was done.  The horror that comes from hearing that innocent babies went to school and won’t come home. As I’ve said before, in responses to tragedies such as these, there is no way to make sense of the senseless.  We, as people who would not commit such acts, will never understand those who do, or why.  But this time, as everyone is spouting their opinions on gun laws, bullying, violence in the media and social media itself, I will tell you what has bothered me most about our nation’s reaction. What bothers me is that so many people I know proudly proclaimed on Facebook Continue reading

Why I’m Afraid of Zombie Clowns and Why You Should Be Too

Do you remember the post I wrote about my fear of the dark?  Well, at the bottom of it, I mentioned my fear of both zombies and clowns, and my newest-ish fear of Zombie Clowns.  You can laugh all you’d like, but I have good reasons to fear these things.  We’ll start with zombies.  Working in the medical field has taught me a lot of things, but working in research has taught me even more.  Like why we should all fear the zombie apocalypse.  You see, while everyone thinks zombies are very “in” right now, the truth is, they aren’t as science fiction as you might think they are.  The origin of nearly every zombie story can be traced back to a virus or mutation.  But what is often overlooked in those stories is that those viruses or mutations are usually made by us, as in Mankind.  We tinker about Continue reading

You Don’t Have The Toughest Job in The Corps

Have you seen the bumper sticker “USMC Wife, toughest job in the Corps”? Yeah, I have too.  And you know what?  I wish they would stop making them.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be the spouse of a Marine.  I’m happy to stand by his side and take care of him.  But you know what else? I’m not the service member.  Shocking, right?The thing is, dependents are quite the inconvenience to the Corps.  We cost them a fortune in benefits, added pay and other services.  But make no mistake about this, I am not the one who signed my name to the contract.  I didn’t go through boot camp either.  And until I do either of those things, the Corps also prefers to offer me nothing, but they recognize that they have not laid down a rule saying Marines can’t marry… Yet.  My husband and I joke that Continue reading

My Thoughts On Infidelity

In light of recent events, I’m sure you all know what I am talking about, I’m going to do something I rarely do.  I’m going to tell you exactly what I think, and I am not going to sugar coat it. Infidelity can happen for a number of reasons.  The man who would never dream of cheating can grow weary and unhappy in his marriage and begin finding emotional solace in the arms of another woman.  The woman who has always stood strong can begin to feel unwanted and unloved and seek appreciation in the arms of another man.  But make no mistake about this: Cheating is never acceptable.  Whether you have become too emotionally close to another person, or are actually sleeping with them.  Whether your spouse is ignoring you, or you have fallen out of love with them.  I don’t care.  I don’t care if your job is Continue reading