My Doctors Said I’d Never Run Again, but it Doesn’t Mean They are Right: Spartan UP!

It might seem odd to have me, of all people, review a book written by the guy who started the Spartan Race. Truth be told, I’ve worked repeated with these guys over the last year. Why? Because prior to eight months ago, I was a runner. I ran the Tough Mudder and chronicled my journey right here on this blog. In fact, I was supposed to run the Spartan Race in just a few months. Things sure change quickly, don’t they? But, regardless of my ability to run or not, I am, in my heart, the very person this book was written for. I am the girl who thought I couldn’t do it, but wanted to so badly. And many of you may remember that I had my share of naysayers who told me I couldn’t do it. But I did. Now, I will admit that I’m still two chapters Continue reading My Doctors Said I’d Never Run Again, but it Doesn’t Mean They are Right: Spartan UP!

My Husband Stinks. Seriously.

So, few months back a friend asked me if I’d like to help her promote her new Scentsy thing.  Me?  I’d heard of it, but didn’t actually know what it was.  Frankly, I was so dumb that I had to email her and ask her how it works.  Are they electric?  What the crap is a warmer?  And what’s with the weird bars of wax? She was both kind and patient and answered my questions and I picked a warmer that I thought was gorgeous, it matched my bathroom, and I just KNEW that my husband would hate it.  Not that that is a necessity, but it helps keep him from stealing my stuff. I’m very sensitive to scents and get migraines from them easily, but Sarah helped me pick ones that she thought would be mild enough.  Sadly, one was a no go before I even opened it.  One Continue reading My Husband Stinks. Seriously.

20 at Home Dates

A while back I stumbled upon a pretty great blog called True Agape.  I’ve been fortunate enough to host a guest post recipe from them and am a great admirer of the site.  Naturally, when they emailed and asked if I would review a new ebook they put together, I didn’t even have to think twice. As many of you know, my husband and I have been struggling to reconnect after his deployment.  I don’t know why that happens.  Being housebound and newly ill makes life even more complicated.  We can’t go on “dates” in the traditional sense and struggle to know what to do when at home together.  This book came at the most perfect time.  I had literally just been thinking about what we could do for at home dates, when Cassie’s email arrived in my in box. What I particularly loved about this is that the activities Continue reading 20 at Home Dates