Do you Yoga? -Aurorae Yoga Mat Review

I know I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I suffer from Chronic Intractable Migraines.  This means I basically live my life with a migraine all the time.  I see a neurologist for this super cool problem that I know you all are jealous you don’t suffer from.  :)  One thing she has been having me do is yoga.  I’ve never really told you all that I do this, but she swears it will help my Botox injections last longer.  (The Botox injections are the treatment of choice for my condition) So, she wrote me a prescription for yoga. I must say that I was not someone who was every big on the idea of yoga, let along had any desire to do it, but just a few sessions made me a believer.  My friend teaches it and she did a private session to teach me the basics and since Continue reading