My Doctors Said I’d Never Run Again, but it Doesn’t Mean They are Right: Spartan UP!

It might seem odd to have me, of all people, review a book written by the guy who started the Spartan Race. Truth be told, I’ve worked repeated with these guys over the last year. Why? Because prior to eight months ago, I was a runner. I ran the Tough Mudder and chronicled my journey right here on this blog. In fact, I was supposed to run the Spartan Race in just a few months. Things sure change quickly, don’t they? But, regardless of my ability to run or not, I am, in my heart, the very person this book was written for. I am the girl who thought I couldn’t do it, but wanted to so badly. And many of you may remember that I had my share of naysayers who told me I couldn’t do it. But I did. Now, I will admit that I’m still two chapters Continue reading My Doctors Said I’d Never Run Again, but it Doesn’t Mean They are Right: Spartan UP!

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Ok, so maybe I don’t actually wear them at night, but I’m seriously tempted to. I was recently contacted about a pretty cool program going on and got the chance to check out Under Armours cool shades that are benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.  Under Armour Performance Eyewear has partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project to introduce two exclusive styles, the UA Igniter and UA Power. Until December 2014 Under Armour will make a donation of over $1 million to the Wounded Warrior program benefiting injured service members and their families. UA Igniter’s rimless frame design allows for a wide field of vision offering optimum versatility for multiple sports, and UA Power’s bold design and best in class features make it the perfect off-field sunglass. Me? I got the UA Power sunglasses and they are pretty freaking awesome.  Now, I can’t currently run, but I can’t wait to test these Continue reading I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

December Sponsor Roundup!

December has been a pretty topsy turvy month but one thing that has rocked is having these bloggers in my sidebar!  So meet the super cool people who help keep my posts coming to you and who obviously support the terribly snarky things I say 🙂 Hi there, I’m Kara. 30ish. Mom to 2. MBA holder. Lover of coupons, sweepstakes, and freebies. Small town girl at heart. Pinterest // Facebook // Twitter A military family community that celebrates aspiring women who turn their personal, educational & career goals into reality. Pinterest // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram I’m a proud military Air Force wife to my amazing husband, Mr. B! We love traveling all over the world with our 3 kids and Westie Macintosh Facebook // Twitter