Trust Me I’m a Vet Tech: Don’t Give Animals as Gifts

Don't Give Animals as Gifts

Our monthly post is a little late, but an important message none the less. It’s so common to see people give puppies, kittens, hamsters, you name it, as a gift, but in the vet industry, that is something we hate to hear for a million reasons. My TMVT partner Erin from Unconventional Mommy Tails shares why in this months Trust Me I’m a Vet Tech post: Don’t Give Animals as Gifts “I’ve worked in shelter medicine and around February – March we have a surge of puppies come in being surrendered by their owners. They’re typically around 4-6 months old. The first year it happened I didn’t think much about it. Then the next year when the same thing happened again, I realized that these were all puppies purchased during the holidays that were no longer working out in the home. Puppies and kittens are a huge responsibility. They take Continue reading

Trust Me I’m a Vet Tech: Let’s Play a Game

Well, it was my turn to write our post for the series in October.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  I wanted to write it, but A. I forgot what I was supposed to write about, but that’s ok because so did Unconventional Mommy Tails (which might be proof that we are making this crap up as we go) and B. I developed a really severe sinus infection and have been bed ridden dying with it.  So, I think it’s excusable that this post is late.  And also, funny.  Funny cancels out the late. So, instead of writing about anything particularly useful, I thought it might be fun to so give you a tiny glimpse into the mind of a Vet Tech and the into the field we work in. Being in the medical field, our lives are filled with short hand, Latin and Greek (literal Latin and Greek words) and ridiculous Continue reading

Trust Me I’m a Vet Tech: Baby Proofing Isn’t Just For Humans

trust me i'm a vet tech

As you may remember, I have teamed up with my pal over at Unconventional Mommy Tails to do a monthly series about pet health, behavior and education.  Last month we did a dual post about the true cost of getting a puppy or a kitten.  This month we are talking about what you need to do before you even think about bringing your new fur kid home. Puppies and kittens like to get into EVERYTHING and can be very destructive.  Just like having a human baby who is learning to crawl and walk, it is important to “baby” proof your home when you have a new puppy or kitten too. Check out the details of what you need to think about when puppy or kitten proofing your home at Unconventional Mommy Tails this month: Baby Proofing Isn’t Just for Humans   On a side note: I have a friend who Continue reading

Trust Me I’m a Vet Tech: First Year Puppy Expenses

trust me i'm a vet tech

  Working in the vet field, and in emergency medicine specifically, I know the cost of vet care seems high.  Heck, I’ve paid for the same vet care I’m usually talking to my clients about.  I have two dogs with an uncommon skin disorder, one of whom has had a foreign body surgery to retrieve an ENTIRE stuffed animal, as in whole, and one who was hospitalized for trying to commit suicide via butter biscuits smothered in garlic.  I get it.  Even my employee discount doesn’t always lessen the blow. But one thing most people don’t think about is the cost of owning a pet outside your crazy emergency situation.  The everyday, normal cost of having a puppy can be high and depending on the breed, you can be looking at a really long commitment. I own a Min Pin, a breed that averages a FIFTEEN YEAR lifespan.  That means Continue reading