She’s Crafty

practicallymarthaWelcome to the world that feeds my OCD, or as I like to call it, my need to be organized.  Here you will find an easy to access collection of posts that have to do with organizing, DIY projects and homemade cleaning products.  You may even find a post about cooking, but since I’m a Microwave Diva, it won’t be anything fancy.  What can I say? I’m practically Martha Stewart.




microwavedivasMicrowave Divas posts go live every other Monday at 8am.  Some are guest posts and some are my own tried and true recipes, but all are delicious and easy to make.  I try to have them not be too terrible for ya too.


Do you have a go to recipe that is easy to make and is a fan favorite?  I’d love to share it in my new series Microwave Divas.  It doesn’t have to be made in the microwave, it just has to be something that is easy to make and super tasty (healthy-ish would be nice too).

Email your submissions (with photos) to [email protected]