My Husband Wouldn’t Stab Me!!!

My Husband Wouldn't Stab Me //

The title to this post is both absurd and a truth fact.  Seriously.  But you’ll see why. A few months ago, I was contacted by Safe Guard Armor about the chance to review one of their stab/bullet proof Kevlar vests.  Naturally I said yes, because, well… It’s the chance to review a stab/bullet proof vest!!!  Are you kidding me!!!??? OF COURSE I WILL!  Safe Guard Amor and Safe Guard Clothing are a great company that value quality and customer satisfaction.  They were great to work with and their website is incredibly user friendly. And their reputation was enough for me to feel confident that I was in good hands if I should try to convince my husband to stab me once the vest arrived. I told my husband about it and he did what he always does when I talk blog.  He only half listened.  But when it came time to Continue reading