Online Communities and Military Spouses: How a New Generation is Bridging the Gap

Deployment Problems

Last year I was contacted by a lovely woman named Elizabeth who was writing a dissertation for grad school about the military spouse blogging community.  I happily agreed to take part and, once we figured out how to work around the time difference from here to London, we had a rather in depth phone conversation about blogging as a military spouse.  She kindly agreed to send me a copy of her paper once it was finished and I am not kidding when I tell  you that I read the ENTIRE thing and was beyond impressed with her findings and opinions based on what she discovered after talking to a number of us. In short, blogging, Facebook and the entire online/internet phenomenon has changed how military spouses related to each other, connect, form friendships, and even how we view ourselves. If you’d like to read her dissertation, you can do so Continue reading

Save a Tree, Use Evernote Instead of a Blog Planner


I don’t want you to think for a moment that I don’t plan or think about my posts ahead of time.  Blogging takes work if you are trying to turn your “little hobby,” as my husband puts it, into a part time or even full time job.  You have to spend time planning, thinking about topics, engaging your readers, and all the little nuances of the blogging world to make it work. As a result of this, blog planners have become all the rage.  Every blog that is run by someone who does crafts, design, or has Photoshop, has created a blog planner.  Some are free, others aren’t.  And while these planners are beautiful, and I have downloaded a few of them, I have found that there is really no purpose.  The exception to this statement is people who prefer to write things down vs. having them on your computer. Continue reading

Organizing Your Blog Posts


I know that I’m horribly OCD about organization and cleaning… I’m actually OCPD. It’s a real disorder and I’ve been diagnosed with it. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder is sort of like OCD’s wimpy cousin. It means that I still obsess and agonize about stuff, I still lose sleep if things aren’t in the right place and I still have anxiety associated with it, but I don’t think people will die if I don’t touch the door knob five times and then spin in a circle. It doesn’t impact my life nearly as negatively or as significantly as having OCD can either. But, since I’m big on looking at the bright side, a lot of good things come out of my little compulsive habit, such as blog organization and research. When it comes to trying something new, you will never meet a more prepared, well researched person in the world. And Continue reading