Living Life Online


“Sometimes, I sit down to write something and think I’m going one way, then I get done and went somewhere totally unexpected.  Then I realize, I don’t know where it came from, but it’s obviously something I needed to say.” – A Girl As a blogger, I basically live my life online.  It’s easy to say that I’m anonymous so that must mean that I hold some things close to my chest… maybe I do a little bit.  But the reality is that, as a blogger, my whole life is on display.  Everything.  The good, the bad, the weird, the unfortunate, and definitely the ugly. It also means that this is personal for me.  I am sharing my personal life with you. I am telling you the secrets that the people in my real life never get to hear.  I share my fears with you, the ones that I would Continue reading

Trying to Stay Anonymous in a World of Social Media

Social media is a funny, ridiculous thing that all bloggers need to function in the world.  I hate to say that, or even admit it to myself.  If it weren’t for my blog, I would never be on Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social media.  Though I’m sure there are plenty of bloggers in this world that are extroverts who love to interact with the world, I’m very much so a hermit. It’s the conundrum of being a blogger for me.  I put my whole life on display for the world to see, and you can’t have interesting posts if you don’t experience life, but I don’t like to leave the house if I can help it… So, I have social media, and, on the one hand, it allows me to interact with the world and on the other it is something that I don’t always love. My Continue reading