Real Conversations with A Girl: Big Boob Problems

Real Conversations With A Girl //

In case there was ever any doubt as to exactly what I am like in real life, I will share with you a real conversation I had with a friend via text message.  I may joke that A Girl is my blogging persona, but I’m only half joking… ** This is part of a series I started a while ago that are all real, transcribed conversations I’ve had with friends.  They all give their permission for me to share them. Me: BTW- my boobs are so big they choke me in my sleep.  No joke LOL Her: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  That’s awesome Me: They were DD’s at one point but I think they are down to D’s now. Her: I’d tit slap you. I do that Me: I bump into stuff. I used to have very small boobs so I’m not used to them being in the way LOL big boob problems Continue reading