Even Stone Can Break

Even stone can break

My grandfather was a stern and stoic man. He was so Scandinavian that it was nearly a comical caricature of what the old school Scandinavian stereotype is. He was not unkind. In fact, he might have been the most generous person I knew. But he was reserved with his judgments just as much as he was with is affection. It wasn’t until my grandmother died that I was hugged for the first time. Well, it was the first hug I can remember. It felt strange. This was a man I had known all my life and his affection was not physical… ever. But even in the absence of physical affection, there was not much doubt that he loved me and all of his grandchildren. With such a large family, he tried so very hard to be at as many of our big milestones as he could, no matter the miles Continue reading

Never Is An Awfully Long Time

Never is a long time when you stop to think about it.  Everyone likes to say that forever is a long time, but trust me when I tell you that never is much longer. As many of you know, my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year.  He lived more than double the average length of time for his type of cancer and in that time, he did nothing to show that he had any interest in having a relationship with me. Some of you may well remember my Dear Grandpa post.   Well, the time has come and gone.  My grandfather passed away and even on his deathbed, he ignored me.  While I sat, holding his had, so swollen from his kidneys and liver shutting down, he spoke to my husband.  He asked how he was, how his job was going, how life was going and was pleased with Continue reading

Guest Post: Fear

I’d like to introduce to you Allie, a fabulous blogger and fellow Dr. Who nerd.  She blogs over at My Marine and Me.  Please check out her blog and thank her for writing such a wonderfully honest post for me.  She told me she was inspired by my posts about my fears and I feel very honored that she would share her fears with my readers. *** I have seen a lot of bloggers discuss their fears lately and quite frankly, it impresses the heck out of me! To write about something that scares you is extremely personal and gives readers a big look into who you are as a person. For a lot of blogs it is easy to forget there is a person sitting at a computer and actually writing it, and that can be for many reasons. Whether their blog is overrun with reviews and give aways and Continue reading