Forgotten Cotton Giveaway!

forgotten cotton giveaway //

If you have been following me on Facebook for very long you have probably heard me give many a shout out to my friends at Forgotten Cotton.  I adore their scarves and recently even had them make me a custom item which I can’t rave enough about. As time as moved on and I have continued to pimp their products I have gotten to get to know the owners and am happy to say they are just as cool as they seem like they would be.  Seriously.  They rock.  So, naturally I asked them to participate in my “Give away stuff until I run out of stuff to giveaway extravaganza.” And they said yes!  WHOOHOO!~ Forgotten Cotton is offering up a BEAUTIFUL scarf from their new spring line that I think is beyond gorgeous!  All their products are handmade by the owners and trust me when I say love and Continue reading Forgotten Cotton Giveaway!

A Truly Awesomsauce Gift Guide

With the holidays just around the corner, I have been severely lacking inspiration as to what to get everyone, so my fabulous friend Holly Robertson, who blogs over at The Robertson Clan wrote the most amazing Gift Guide for me.  I feel so lucky to have a gal like her in my life who never lacks creative ways to give the best gifts! Enjoy!!!! Every holiday I take great pride in the fact that I make much of the gifts I give.  By hand. It’s just always something I have really enjoyed doing. Some years I have a theme. Some years I don’t. This year on Facebook I’ve been seeing quite a bit of complaining. You don’t know what to get your husband or your kid or your coworker. Ect. So I put together a guide of things for those people that are either handmade, made in America, Fair Trade or something Continue reading A Truly Awesomsauce Gift Guide