I Don’t Have Cookies, But Can I Interest You in a Sarcastic Comment?

Come to the Dark Side

I’ve been blogging on this here blog for a long time now.  Since 2008 if you really want to go back and listen to my immature and youthful ranting.  It started as “Deployment Woes,” and was a dinky little blog I used more or less as a journal. It had cutesy pre-made and free blog backgrounds and banners made for Blogger and entirely reflected who I was:  A young, stupid newlywed with a husband who was deployed. I’ve gone through a lot since then.  Illness, a troubled deployment, an even more troubled marriage and then even worse illness.  Through it all I kept on blogging.  I wrote even when nobody read it.  I have always used this place, my secret place, my super secret public journal, as a place to be unabashedly me. I sing in the shower and prefer Britney Spears and Katy Perry for the lovely echo effect. Continue reading