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So, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest.  Well, that’s a lie, I spend hardly any time on Pinterest, for some reason it takes you all DAYS to pin new stuff, so really, I’m only on there a few times a week. HAHA!  That said, I’ve found a number of neat ideas to rip off and make my own.

My latest project in the “I’m Practically Martha Stewart” series is a Wedding Card Album, which I awesomely got the idea for from I Love Farm Weddings.

What you need:
1. Cards you received for your wedding
2. A paper Trimmer
3. Some form of cardboard or super stiff paper, and paper to cover it with (optional)
4. Mod Poge and sponge applicator 
5. Scissors
6. Something to bind the book- I chose ribbon, but rings or string will work just fine.
7. Single Hold Puncher (not pictured because I forgot)

If you are going to make a cover like I did, you will need to follow the first few steps.  If not, skip to the third picture down. 
Step 1.  Trim your cardboard (I used an old shoe box) to the size you desire.  I trimmed mine based on my wedding invitation.  Then you will take the paper you want to cover it in and fold the edges around it.
Step 2. Note the creases.  Trim the square that results off of the paper so that you get what you see in Step 3. 
Step 3. Place cardboard back into center of paper and use Mod Podge, or glue, to adhere paper edges to cardboard.  Then punch holes in the side using hole punch (I discuss this more later).
Note- The shoe box was orange on the outside, so I chose to cover the orange with paper. Keep in mind that whatever side you glue the edges to will be showing when people look at your book, unless you choose to cover both sides.

Once the edges of the paper are glued, cover the back with Mod Podge.  I chose to do two coats.  I used the shiny finish, but you can choose to buy matte finish if you would like. Once the back is dry, cover the front.  This will protect the surface and whatever you put on it.  I chose to glue a wedding invite to the front, but you can do what ever you want.  Be creative.  Be sure to allow both sides to completely dry before putting your book together. 

These are my finished products.  I used a hole punch to create holes in the cards.  I use the first card as my guideline for the others.  I made my holes 2 inches apart, but choose whatever distance you like.  You can choose to not have a cover, as the first picture shows, or to create a cover, as the second picture shows. I then threaded some ribbon that I used in my actual wedding through the holes and tied it.  I also chose to vary the sizes, not put the cards in the book by size.  I think that makes it more interesting to flip through. 

Here are some variations and ideas.
I also made a bridal shower book.  I used an invitation from one of them as a cover and did not make a hard cover to glue it to.  I just let the card be on it’s own, right on top.  I followed the same guidelines for the holes, then used metal rings to bind it together.  I purchased the rings at an office supply store for another project and happened to have pink ones that look adorable.  The second picture is just to give you an idea of what the insides look like.  I did not save the envelopes from our cards, but if you have them, I think it would be great to have those in the book too.
The third picture on the bottom is to give you an idea of how I dealt with small cards or tags.  I had a number of people send us their gifts in the mail via our registry at the various stores we chose.  These people put their well wishes and kind words in small gift tags, as did a few of our friends who chose to forgo cards all together and just do a gift.  I simply put two of them next to each other in the book and put just one hold in the top so that I could still read them, but the balance of my binding was still ok. 

I hope you enjoy giving this project a try!


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