About A Girl

aboutpageA Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corps blossomed out of my need to find a place to cope with a deployment.  As a new Reservist’s wife with a deployed husband, navigating the strange waters of military life, but without a local military community on which to fall back made for a stressful time in my life.  What blossomed out of that time was learning nearly everything the hard way and having to learn that sometimes all you can do is laugh to keep from crying.

In the five years since its inception, this blog has changed names, grown and become a place that many come to laugh along with me while shaking their heads at the, very often very silly, mistakes I make while navigating military life.  It has continued to be a place where I write my observations on life in general.


  • A rather snarky sense of humor
  • A LOT of stupid mistakes in life… Feel free to laugh; I do.
  • The occasional honest look at life that is not funny, but I try not to reflect on myself very often; it makes life too complicated.
  • A place to find support, understanding, to learn a bit about reserve life, and to laugh at someone who probably did something the hardest way possible so that you don’t have to.
  • A way to feel a lot better about yourself because at least you aren’t me.


  • Political Debates- It’s not my thing to debate with perfect strangers, so if you are looking for that, head to another blog.
  • Resource Lists- Though I share my life lessons and that sometimes includes things that may help you, this is not a resource blog.  There are some truly amazing ones out there, but you will be sadly disappointed if you think this is it.

I believe that everyone can learn from the situations they are in and, though in the moment I don’t relish it, I love to share the fails and follies of my life.  I truly believe that I am a walking cautionary tale and have enjoyed the responses I have received in response to my stories about life.


pinupbutton_FBprofilepic-1_edited-2A Girl is a self-proclaimed semi-professional blogger who began blogging in 2008 as a means of coping with a deployment. She is a Veterinary Technician by trade and loves her work in Emergency and Critical Care. She is married to an 11-year veteran of the USMC reserves, whom she met shortly after he returned from a deployment. They have been married for five years, have two very bratty dogs, and are currently trying to muddle through the aftermath of a difficult deployment for both.

She is a contributing blogger for USMClife.com and does a monthly post for Blue Star Families.  She has been featured on Spousebuzz.com, NextGen MilSpouse, Military One Source’s Blog Brigade, as well as Home Front United.

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