Martha Stewart Couldn’t Have Done it Better

By now you are all probably well aware of my OCD when it comes to organization, my love of all things crafty and the obsession I have known as Pinterest.  We’ve all heard the horror stories of pins gone wrong, but I’m here to tell you that my Martha Stewart tendencies are fueled by Pinterest wins.

Win number 1: A delicious baked tomato recipe. I make them all the time now.
Win Number 2: Magnetic Picture Frames as seen on my I’m Practically Martha Stewart post
Win Number 3: Wedding Card Album as seen on my Wedding Card Album post

So, in light of all of my wins, I decided to do a few more things I’d seen on Pinterest.

I started with the organization tip of putting all of your manuals in a binder.  I used page protectors I already had (remember my OCD thing) and inserted my manuals into the page protectors and into a binder.  Now, it makes for a rather thick binder which, of course, is not what it looks like on Pinterest, but, I’m going to buy large binder and put them all in it and hopefully it will look less full. YEA!

Now I’m sure you’ve all see the pin about using plastic shoe organizers as storage. As seen below:

Well, I decided to give this a try and would like to share with you what I learned.
1. Town Homes do not have anything that is of “normal” size.  This means that this super amazing idea must be cut to suit the itty bitty cabinet doors.
2. They can’t be cut to fit just any cabinet door, and, thus, I was only able to use these for under the kitchen sink.
3. Soup packets and such fit perfectly in them and I now have part of one hanging in my pantry.
4.  Lots of other random stuff fits in them too and now I have a full one hanging on the back of the storage closet in our garage.
5. Have an eyelet tool.  Simply punching holes to put on the hooks means they won’t be able to hold much weight.
6.  I love using my eyelet tool!  (I bought it for a project that I haven’t finished yet and thus hadn’t had a chance to use it yet)

And there you have it, my Pinterest wins.  I know I’m a nerd but, you know what? I don’t care.  Someday people will come to my obsessively organized house and tell me how lovely it looks.  In the mean time, if you happen to visit, please don’t judge the mess.  I’m only organized some of the time.


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