So Close, Yet So Far

One thing about being a blogger is that you make a lot of connections with people.  Just like in real life, some of those connections are fleeting and some span the distances of continents.  The trouble with being a blogger is that many of these people know you so well; they understand you better than most and you them.  When you are sharing the inner workings of your life, your mind, and your heart, you develop these wonderful relationships with people who otherwise you never would have met.

Why do I say that is a problem?  Because they are not near you.  It means that you are spanning the distance of states, countries and continents, but none of them can come over for a cup of tea when you are having a rough day.  None of them can keep you company when you have a project to finish and need a little extra motivation.  And worse, none of them can share those wonderful things you have in common, while sitting on your couch, just doing what friends do.

I feel very fortunate to have met the wonderful people I have.  Some have touched me and then moved on with their lives.  I miss their blogs and their friendship just as if we had been neighbors who moved away from each other and lost touch.  Some are people I know I can count on through my sobering days and my fantastic ones.  I have those who I email in the middle of the night when I think of them.  I even have a bloggy friend who lives in the same state who came to my aid during an emergency.

But what I don’t have, what I will likely never have, is a normal friendship full of date nights away from our husbands and laughing over margaritas.   I will never have craft days with those who share my hobbies, or whining sessions with those who share my troubles.

I have these amazing friendships with these amazing people who I feel an emotional closeness with.  I feel so lucky to have found people who understand me, but the distances we must cross to reach each other can feel challenging.  We are so close, yet so far away from each other.