Mischievous Mondays

mischievous mondays

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Okay guys…calm down…take a deep breath and then LET IT ALL OUT!

Let’s share those awesomely hilarious stories of our adorable devious little guys and gals!

That’s right…it’s time for Mischievous Monday!!

I’m not a particularly mischievous person.  I like people to know that I did something ridiculous because I find myself rather hilarious even if my husband disagrees.  So, instead of mischievous, how about a story of stupidity?  Those are always fun, right?

So this past week, my legs have been really improving.  I’m much more mobile, though still having to be careful that I don’t over do it.  We had to run some errands this weekend so I was downstairs for the first time in 10 days when I discovered my husband had picked up Pub Mix from Costco.  I made my mental note and we left the house.

When we got home, I grabbed the Pub Mix while he was bringing my wheelchair up from the car and scurried upstairs as fast as my gimpy little legs would carry me. I then waited for him to settle into video games downstairs and proceeded to eat only the things I liked out of the jar.

He came up around dinner time to discover a mostly empty tub of Pub Mix with just the things I don’t like left in it… Luckily, this is a par for the course for me so he wasn’t too upset, though he did scold me like a child.  Especially because the high salt content was sure to make my joints hurt, which it did.  But you know what?  SO WORTH IT!

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Mischievous Mondays

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2 thoughts on “Mischievous Mondays

  1. It’s nice to know that i’m not the only one that does “stupid” things! I totally do that with mixes as well … along with many many many (okay who am I kidding here the list never ends) other things that I should totally know better than to do!

    But hey…some things are just worth the giggles we gain from them :)
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