An Ode To My Accountant

An Ode to My Accountant //

For whatever insane reason, my husband and I, whom have never done our own taxes, decided this was a good year to do it.  You know, with my weird work history and illness stuff, his military service, business expenses and all kinds of random other crap that makes life confusing.  I asked my mother how hard it was to use Turbo Tax and she, who has an accounting degree, said it was easy.  I even clarified, “easy for someone with an accounting degree, or actually easy?”  She insisted it was easy.

She lied.

It’s not that I can’t or won’t figure it all out, but man, I miss my accountant.  So, while harassing a friend with tax law questions and Googling until my fingers bled, I penned this little ditty for my accountant, whom I miss dearly, feel is incredibly under paid (don’t tell her that though) and am hoping she doesn’t hold grudges and will take us back with pity in her heart next year.


Ode to My Accountant


Oh Accountant, how I adore thee

I never truly appreciated all that you do


Dear Accountant

So patient

So willing to help

Never asking too much

Able to estimate with the very limited information I have


How I never truly understood

The nuances of what you have to know


Vile Tax Law

Living only to vex me

Why must you be so cruel and confusing?

Your wicked, twisted words

Serve only to Bemuddle  me


Death and Taxes

Constants in life

Oh Accountant

How you have simplified my life


Please take me back



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