The Importance of Proper Female Body Armor Clothing

My fabulous pals over at Safeguard Armor and Safeguard Clothing were kind enough to whip up this amazing post about why your body armor needs to fit correctly.  It’s not enough to simply have it on.  Because I gained weight between my ordering one of their vests and it arriving, I can personally attest to why this post is a really important one to keep in your secret stash should you decide to ever order a vest as well.

I can’t thank them enough for being so kind as to writing this up.  They did a much better job explaining it than I ever could!

The Importance of Proper Fitting Female Body Armor //

More and more women are learning how important body armor can be. There are many women who have dangerous jobs nowadays and protecting oneself with the proper body armor is essential. Many schools are now being attacked and a teacher that is wearing body armor will have a better chance of surviving an attack. Many bank tellers are now choosing to wear concealed body armor to keep themselves safe during a robbery.

When choosing a vest, it is important for a woman to know that there is a difference between vests made for males and vests made for woman. The vests that are made for women are darted to ensure that they fit well and do not cause the woman to feel uncomfortable, while she is wearing it. The darts allow her to keep her feminine figure, which is important if the vest is being worn under her clothing. Much advancement have been made to allow women to have vests that are lightweight, while still providing the protection that they need to stay safe at even the most dangerous of jobs.

When a woman goes to buy a vest, she needs to be sure that she knows her exact measurements so that she can get the right vest for her size. This is not a time for a woman to be embarrassed by her measurements. By being honest from the start, a woman will be able to spend less time trying to find the right vest to fit her needs. It is important to make sure that she goes to a retailer that allows her to try on a few vests before purchasing one. By trying the vests on, the woman will be able to find one that feels right for her body. There are some vests that fit a woman with a long torso well and others that are a better fit for shorter, more petite women. By trying on the vests, the woman can then goes home and compare the price of the makes and models that she liked the best. It is often possible to save a lot of money by buying the vests online rather than buying them at a retail store. This is because the online vendors do not have to pay high overhead costs in order to get the vests to consumers. Brick and mortar stores have to pay for their facility, electricity, and employee costs, which often drives the cost of the vests to be higher.

It is also important for a woman to make sure that she maintains her vest well. Depending upon the protective panels that she chooses to use in the vest, they will need to be stored a certain way. Taking the time to learn how to properly store the panels will ensure that they are as useful as possible. Many times, the panels simply need to be stored out of direct sunlight and away from water to keep them working as well as they were designed to work in the first place.