Living Life Online


“Sometimes, I sit down to write something and think I’m going one way, then I get done and went somewhere totally unexpected.  Then I realize, I don’t know where it came from, but it’s obviously something I needed to say.” – A Girl As a blogger, I basically live my life online.  It’s easy to say that I’m anonymous so that must mean that I hold some things close to my chest… maybe I do a little bit.  But the reality is that, as a blogger, my whole life is on display.  Everything.  The good, the bad, the weird, the unfortunate, and definitely the ugly. It also means that this is personal for me.  I am sharing my personal life with you. I am telling you the secrets that the people in my real life never get to hear.  I share my fears with you, the ones that I would Continue reading

Everyday is a New Chance


There are a lot of “blogger” things that I don’t do.  I don’t celebrate my blogging anniversary.  I’ve never done a giveaway for a milestone of X amount of blog posts published or fans on Facebook.  And I pretty much never post stuff for the holidays or recap my year.  I’m not your average blogger in the sense that I forget that all of that is stuff people do because it’s just doesn’t matter to me. I have nearly 1000 blog posts, I have had tons of amazing milestones along the way, but I just don’t think to pay attention to when they are here until they are long gone. I don’t make New Years resolutions either.  I don’t believe in picking one day of the year to change your life.  I believe that everyday you wake up is a chance to have a better life.  I have lost some Continue reading

The Weight of Diamonds

Hearts Don't Break //

I have skin sensitivities.  This means that I am often allergic to things I never had any reason to know in advance.  At my work I’m allergic to everything.  From the latex gloves to the cleaning supplies.  EVERYTHING.  For the short time I wore my ring to work, I got a rash.  Chemicals got caught under it and my skin would begin to peel off.  Eventually I gave up on wearing it work, which lead to being out of the habit of wearing it at all. I haven’t worn my ring on a regular basis in years. I haven’t bothered to get back into the habit. Sometimes, I pull my wedding rings out of the red velvet pouch they came in and hold them in my hand, feeling their weight.  They feel heavy and foreign.  I can’t imagine putting them back on. I suppose, if I want to be deep Continue reading

Learning to Say No

Learning to Say No //

What’s really funny is that I see posts about learning to say “no” all the time.  But they are ALL geared towards children.  Every parent knows the value of being able to say no to your child and mean it.  Set those boundaries, stick to them , and you and your kids will be happier and better off.  But what about you?  I’m talking to YOU, the fully grown adult who says yes to everyone and everything?  Oh yea, don’t think I don’t know a people pleaser when I see one. Me?  I do not do well with idle time.  This means that I’m often over booked, over committed, and have had very little sleep.  Since I have insomnia anyway, why not use it? So I tend to say yes to helping everyone and their mom because I have time… Or, at least, I have time in my mind.  In Continue reading

I Have Lost My Muchness

You Have Lost Your Muchness //

Sometimes the tears are just below the surface.  There are days that just updating my Facebook Fan Page with the latest news from my various doctors appointments and medical treatments makes me want to burst out crying.  Sometimes it’s because I want to scream at the universe, “Why me!?  Why are you doing this!?”  Sometimes it’s because just one person comments and I can see that they understand and to be understood in the life is a pretty major thing.  Sometimes, all you need in life is to be understood. When it comes to my family and friends, I feel like I have lost my sparkle.  I feel like I have on my blog too.  So many challenges, constant set backs and constant pain for the last year (between the carpal tunnel and now arthritis).  It just feels like I am often at a loss of what to say.  I Continue reading

I’m a Personal Blogger

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed. //

In the blogging world, everyone has a niche, a label that tells the others in the community what you are about.  Some are Fashion Bloggers, others are Food Bloggers, and me?  I fall into what they have coined as the “Lifestyle” category.  Lifestyle is the all-encompassing term for those who simply blog about life. I actually hate that term.  I don’t view what I do as falling into that niche.  While I do write about my LIFE, I don’t really feel that I am a “Lifestyle Blogger.”  I prefer to call myself a Personal Blogger.  I don’t just share what I ate for breakfast and why my dogs suck, I write about who I am when no one is looking and the feelings I have locked away from the world. And that’s the thing.  The people who read my blog could be my friends.  Every reader is a confidant, a Continue reading

Before You Buy that Townhome!!!

Before You Buy That Townhome //

So, in light of my recent weird health issue and the whole not walking thing, I’ve really had to re-evaluate my life and our situation.  It’s not to say that I don’t love our home.  It’s not even to say I’d love a reason to move, redecorate or even change the furniture (though the last one might be a little true); it’s more to say that there are a lot of things you don’t think about when buying a house. For instance, everyone tells you to have a plan.  Before you buy that home, how long do you plan to live in it?  Can it grow with you, your lifestyle and your family plans?  No one says, “Hey, do you plan on suddenly being unable to walk?  Because if you do, a townhome might not be for you.” Man, I wish someone had said that to me five years ago. Continue reading

You Can’t Control Life, But You Can Learn From It

There are times in life where you have to decide how you will react to all that is thrown at you. Someone once told me that I can’t control life, only how I react to it. It was then that I decided reacting to my life is half of my problem. I react poorly. Poorly might be an understatement. I tend to let life get me down, in spite of being a perpetual optimist. This sounds like an oxymoron, but just because you are sure things will work out, doesn’t mean you don’t get depressed when things are crappy. I can’t do anything about my body suddenly deciding to not work anymore. I can’t change having carpal tunnel syndrome or having a second condition called cubital syndrome that compresses the second nerve that runs into my hand. I can’t change that the various treatments we have tried haven’t worked and Continue reading

Rewind 365- A Link Up

One of my favorite blogs, Cammo Style Love, is doing this fun new thing called Rewind 365.  The idea is to share what you were doing a year ago today. A year ago today, I was still in my training rotations at my (then) new job.  I had just attended ball and started a new job and was terrified.  I had left a job after some terrible experiences and you know what they say, “Once bitten, twice shy.” It’s crazy to think it’s been a year at my job.  It definitely doesn’t feel that way.  Not in a bad way mind you, just that time goes by so fast.  I have met some really amazing people, had some really great times and made some truly awesome friends.  I feel very fortunate that a year ago, I was contacted out of the blue for an interview.  I had applied for a Continue reading