Marriage is Worth The Fight

My Dearest Husband, There have been times when we have both thrown our hands up in surrender to our frustrations.  There have been times when we have both questioned our devotion, our hearts wanting to continue to love each other, but our minds unable to hear that whisper through the shouting.  There have been times when I know I have wanted to leave. But here I stand, nearly seven years after we first met, still lying awake a night waiting for you to call when you are on a mission.  Here I stand, still waiting impatiently for you to return home from work, so that I may tell you about my day.  Here I stand, still fluttering at the thought of you, still sighing at the breath of you, still smiling at the touch of you. There was never a time that we promised this would be easy, only times Continue reading

An Engagement Story: Part Two

Remember my post about my not so romantic, no one says “AWWW” to, not so gushy, not so jealousy inspiring engagement story? If not, check it out here.  But if you do, then here’s take two, and three for that matter.  :) Attempt number two comes in a close second… Or it’s a tie.   The day after getting engaged, we moved into an apartment.  While loading the moving truck, my husband approached me with a large purple, plastic, heart shaped ring from a gumball machine (they were still fitting the diamond into the setting I had picked out the night before).  He presented it to me and in the absolutely least romantic manner he simply said, “Will you marry me.”  While I was covered in dirt, standing in the back of a moving van, sweaty from the hot day. Not romantic.  He opted to use ANOTHER mulligan and plan Continue reading