Dear Matthew Broderick : A Love Letter

Dear Matthew Broderick //

While I recognize that you are a whole person who can drink older than I am, Monica and Richard made it work and I believe we can too. I’m not sure how many people will remember this little known film, but you did a version of Cinderella all those years ago.  I made my mother rent it from the video store nearly every week insisting that it would never get old.  At 5 years old, I had found my soul mate and just knew you and I were meant to be together. When I got older I was allowed to watch you in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and that movie only served to cement my love for you and the bond I just know we have.  I’m pretty sure you are also in love with me, you simply haven’t had the chance to realize it yet.  Don’t worry, you will. Continue reading