My Deepest Fear

If you follow me on Facebook you have heard me reference my “bestie.”  She happens to be another blogger, a USMC spouse (once a wife always a wife, if once a Marine, always a Marine, right?), and my soul mate.  My husband understands this and finds us utterly ridiculous.  She is a talented woman and very honest and insightful.  She wrote a post about fear.  And she shared her greatest fear with so much bravery that I was inspired. I have plenty of phobias in this world.  I have a paralyzing fear of clowns.  It is known as coulrophobia.  I once froze in a haunted house and began to cry and the person who ushers people through had to ask the clown to leave the area so I could continue.  And while I actually enjoy going to haunted houses (I’m saying the words knowing that is a lie.  And it’s Continue reading My Deepest Fear

What I Can’t Let Go Of

There’s something really amazing about a laugh that comes unexpectedly and warms your heart right when you need it most. To be understood is a pretty phenomenal thing and not something I can often boast I am. We all are tortured in someway.  We all have burdens that we carry with us, hidden in places we won’t admit are there, even to ourselves.  I am no different.  A year ago, I was no different.  A year ago, I was blogging about my struggles.  I was openly talking about my marriage and one day I stopped.  I stopped because I didn’t want to let this one facet of who I am become all I could be. I never lied, I never sugar coated the truth.  My deployment experience was horrible.  It tore apart my life.  It put cracks in the foundation of my marriage and that made some people very uncomfortable.  Continue reading What I Can’t Let Go Of

Guest Post: Fear

I’d like to introduce to you Allie, a fabulous blogger and fellow Dr. Who nerd.  She blogs over at My Marine and Me.  Please check out her blog and thank her for writing such a wonderfully honest post for me.  She told me she was inspired by my posts about my fears and I feel very honored that she would share her fears with my readers. *** I have seen a lot of bloggers discuss their fears lately and quite frankly, it impresses the heck out of me! To write about something that scares you is extremely personal and gives readers a big look into who you are as a person. For a lot of blogs it is easy to forget there is a person sitting at a computer and actually writing it, and that can be for many reasons. Whether their blog is overrun with reviews and give aways and Continue reading Guest Post: Fear