A Call To Blog!

I have some great guest blogging opportunities to offer up!

1. Do you have a go to recipe that is easy to make and is a fan favorite?  I’d love to share it in my new series Microwave Divas.  It doesn’t have to be made in the microwave, it just has to be something that is easy to make and super tasty (healthy-ish would be nice too).

2. Do you have a funny deployment story?  I am looking to re-open my popular Deployment Stories are Funny… In Retrospect series and would love to share your story!  I’d love to know what funny thing (even if it didn’t feel funny at the time) happened to you while your spouse was away on deployment.  For inspiration, feel free to see what greats stories have already been shared: Funny Deployment Stories


Email your submissions (with photos if submitting a recipe) to