Dear Blogger Networks: Why Don’t You LIKE Me?

Oh, right, it’s probably my use of phrases like “dicking around” and posts like my now all too famous “Homemade Swear Words” or the time I wrote about feeding my dogs virgin blood… but in all fairness, really, I just want what’s best for dogs in the most ridiculous and pretentious manner possible. It probably doesn’t help that last month my most popular post was titled, “My husband wouldn’t stab me,” in which I detailed how I begged my husband to stab me on video.  HEY! I did it for YOU.  And there might have been something about a stab proof vest in there… I can’t be expected to remember all the things. But, regardless of their true reasons why, I have been declined by every blog network I’ve applied for.  I usually get these really fabulous diplomatically vague answers about my content and numbers not being right for them Continue reading Dear Blogger Networks: Why Don’t You LIKE Me?

Marine Corps Social Mores vs Real Life

Since being out of work, things have been interesting.  Work was my primary source of human interaction outside of my husband, the Marine Corps, and our friends who are also Marines.  I have slowly begun to have situations where I realize that normal, non-Marine human interaction is really an important part of life. Marines swear.  They swear a lot.  And if they don’t already have a profane option for a word, they invent their own.  These are typically just other, random profane words strung together.  We had friends over for dinner and I said something that was really just a string of swear words in front of their four small children and paused.  It took about thirty seconds to realize they probably don’t talk like that at home. My husband affectionately refers to our dogs as “little F***ers.”  ‘Nuff said. Marines drink.  They drink A LOT.  A lot is an Continue reading Marine Corps Social Mores vs Real Life

Sometimes the Universe Points Its Finger at You and Laughs

There are these funny moments in life when the Universe at Large reminds you exactly who you are meant to be, who you are in your heart and then points its finger at you and laughs. Me?  I want to be a writer.  In some capacity.  I’m never going to write an award winning novel, but I write because I always have.  It’s what I know, it’s what my soul knows and it’s all my heart knows how to do.  I have a day job (kind of, not really anymore) and I have other things in my life, but if I go very long without writing something, I begin to lose my mind. Blogging, it just so happens, fills that writing void and I have grown very used to the style of writing in blog post form and the unique parts of what being a blogger is about.  But I’m Continue reading Sometimes the Universe Points Its Finger at You and Laughs