Marine Corps Social Mores vs Real Life

Since being out of work, things have been interesting.  Work was my primary source of human interaction outside of my husband, the Marine Corps, and our friends who are also Marines.  I have slowly begun to have situations where I realize that normal, non-Marine human interaction is really an important part of life. Marines swear.  They swear a lot.  And if they don’t already have a profane option for a word, they invent their own.  These are typically just other, random profane words strung together.  We had friends over for dinner and I said something that was really just a string of swear words in front of their four small children and paused.  It took about thirty seconds to realize they probably don’t talk like that at home. My husband affectionately refers to our dogs as “little F***ers.”  ‘Nuff said. Marines drink.  They drink A LOT.  A lot is an Continue reading Marine Corps Social Mores vs Real Life

I Don’t Have Cookies, But Can I Interest You in a Sarcastic Comment?

Come to the Dark Side

I’ve been blogging on this here blog for a long time now.  Since 2008 if you really want to go back and listen to my immature and youthful ranting.  It started as “Deployment Woes,” and was a dinky little blog I used more or less as a journal. It had cutesy pre-made and free blog backgrounds and banners made for Blogger and entirely reflected who I was:  A young, stupid newlywed with a husband who was deployed. I’ve gone through a lot since then.  Illness, a troubled deployment, an even more troubled marriage and then even worse illness.  Through it all I kept on blogging.  I wrote even when nobody read it.  I have always used this place, my secret place, my super secret public journal, as a place to be unabashedly me. I sing in the shower and prefer Britney Spears and Katy Perry for the lovely echo effect. Continue reading I Don’t Have Cookies, But Can I Interest You in a Sarcastic Comment?

Cruel Irony

The definition of irony is one that tends to be lost on a lot of people.  And no, Alanis Morissette’s song doesn’t have a single true example of irony in it.  But what can be ironic are the odd twists of fate that might plague a single person’s life.  Let’s look at my life for example (who else was I going to pick? Really now.) and I will give you a few shinning examples of twists of fate that border on ironic. Really, there is just one recurring twist.  It’s the painful twist that I have held a variety of careers in my life and have excelled at many of them.  The twist comes in when I excel so readily, but learn that I don’t actually want to do it for a living.  The cruelty in that being that it sucks to be amazing at something that you wake up Continue reading Cruel Irony