Keeping the Flame Alive Despite the Distance

Another big thank you goes out to Crystal from Tid Bits of Experience for stepping up with an amazing guest post for me while I’m busy with my family stuff. I have been so fortunate to have such wonderful fellow bloggers who are not only willing to help a girl in need (no pun intended), but that do it with such amazing posts.
Military spouses are not the only group of people who have to spend large chunks of time away from their better half and this post is a great look at how to keep the flame alive, whether military or civilian family.

There are many couples who have to figure out how to keep their romance alive despite being separated from each other for extended periods of time. I know I personally had to deal with this issue while my husband was over the road as a truck driver for weeks on end. Those were some mighty long weeks for me to say the least. However, I know wives of military men have to go even longer stretches without seeing/talking to their spouses, and that makes it extremely difficult to keep romance going.
Every couple is different. However, you have to find special ways to make your relationship blossom despite the hard times. Letters are a very valuable tool to use. Handwritten letters seem to have more meaning behind them than an email sent or a text message. Especially since you can kiss it with his favorite shade of lipstick (yes, men have a preference for what shade they love to see on their women.) You can also spray it with his favorite scent

of perfume. (I know I loved wearing my husband’s shirts with his scent when he was going to be away from me for any period of time. Men love opening letters to the scent their women wear when they are away from them.) Plus you can also include pictures for him as well.
Speaking of pictures, you can take pictures of all the little moments that he may be missing in your everyday life. Or you can create a small video with pictures and have a special song playing in the background. Pictures do speak a thousand words sometimes.
This is the tricky one….try to keep all major discussions for when you see each other. There is a time to bring up big topics. Always be considerate of when he has plenty of time to focus on you and whatever is on your mind. I realize that sometimes that’s impossible to do, but there are plenty of times that I could have held off an important talk for a better time. I’ve learned that trait, and things have been a lot smoother for my husband and me since I did.
Make sure, if you’re able to do this that you connect with your soul mate in some form or fashion…text message, email, phone call and if you only see each other in passing are sure that you kiss each other when you first see them and as they walk away from you. If you can’t see them or have contact with them, then do something FOR them in remembrance of them such as taking that picture, writing that note, buying that small item that makes you think of them, or anything else that will make you and him know that he crossed your mind while you were away.
All of these things may sound unrealistic in our crazy hectic world, but believe me when I say that we only go around once, and if we don’t take the time to show those we love that we love them it may very well be too late. If you create all of these small memories, I promise you they will help you up should something happen. I also can guarantee that it will help build a bond with your significant other in a way that is stronger than you ever imagined possible despite the distance between you.